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Mini Storage

Need a place to store your stuff ?
If so, Conneaut Ohio offers several options for mini storage units, self storage and storage for commercial and household goods.
We invite you to check out our list of Storage Units serving Conneaut, Ohio.
Spring Storage Tips
Looking for some spaces to store extra stuff this spring? These helpful tips could be the answer to finding existing space that can be utilized to maximize storage in your home.
1. Border Storage/ Window Storage
Install shelves 12″ to 18″ below the ceiling (where a border would go…) to store collectibles, plants, hats or photos. You can also mount a shelve above the window(s) of the room for displaying things you that don’t use every day, but like to look at.
2. Utilize Existing Wall Space
Install shelving or hang decorative baskets on open wall space. This is an inexpensive storage solution for books and decorative objects. A structured wall unit or entertainment center can house books and electronic equipment, while providing additional space for those beloved little trinkets.
3. Out of Site Out of Mind The age old saying goes, “Out of Site, Out of Mind.” As far as storage is concerned – at least it’s out of sight. You can increase available storage space by enclosing shelves and cupboards, as well as other organizational systems behind closed doors.
4. Under Bed/Under Tables
A skirted table can hide a myriad of things in almost any room of your house. In addition, there is alot of room underneath your bed! You can purchase flat, long, storage boxes for quick, clean and additional storage!

Campbell’s Mini Storage
700 Center Road
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-1615

Campbell’s Mini Storage
340 East Main Road
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-5313

Campbell’s Mini-Storage offers ten different sizes of storage units, with daily discounts, senior discounts and special discounts for all military personnel.

Campbell’s Mini Storage  personally THANKS YOU for supporting Everything Conneaut Ohio & local business.

Storage Units in Conneaut Ohio

Amboy Self Storage  466 West Main Road  Conneaut, Ohio 44030  Phone: 440-593-6044

Burdick Storage
288 Harbor Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-599-8248

Nick-Nick Self Storage
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-599-6891

Space Place
684 Center Road
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-6121

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