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Conneaut Ohio is the place to be. Whether you are searching for a local business, a place to stay, booking your next vacation or just visiting... we are the #1 source for everything Conneaut.

We invite you to enjoy our exclusive offers and learn more about Conneaut, Ohio - our small town has a population of 12,485 and is home to world class fishing, hunting and breathtaking views of beautiful Lake Erie.

Conneaut, Ohio News

  1. Akron man dies from gunshot wound; Cuyahoga County woman tre...
    Akron man dies from gunshot wound; Cuyahoga County woman treated for West ... The Plain Dealer - A 78-year-old woman is being treated for encephalitis at a hospital [...]
  2. Eye on future - The Star Beacon...
    Eye on future The Star Beacon The Protected Property is also located within two miles of three other Land Conservancy conservation easements and is part of a much larger corridor [...]
  3. Site Google News Archive - Gettysburg Times...
    Site Google News Archive Gettysburg Times State Police identified three men airlifted to York Hospital after a crash that snarled U.S. Route 15 Monday afternoon. Ejected from a pi [...]
  4. County's legal superstars on display - The Star Beacon...
    County's legal superstars on display The Star Beacon One famous jurist depicted in the prints is Merle McCurdy, who was reared in Conneaut. He was appointed U.S. Attorney for [...]

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