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Conneaut City Manager

Conneaut Ohio City Manager

Conneaut, Ohio City Manager – James Hockaday
294 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Telephone:  440-593-7401
Fax:  440-593-6908

[email protected]

Conneaut, Ohio is located in Ashtabula County, Ohio along Lake Erie at the mouth of Conneaut Creek, which is the number one steel head trout stream in the country. Conneaut is located in the northeastern corner of Ohio and has 27 square miles (70 km2) within its corporate city limits. The City, since 1990 has been under a council-manager style government.

What is Council-Manager Government ?

The council-manager government is one of types of popular municipal government, and is used in the majority of American cities with populations over 12,000. (the other is mayor-council government.)

Under the council-manager form of government, the elected governing body – Conneaut City Council, is responsible for establishing policy, passing local ordinances, voting appropriations, and developing an overall vision for the City of Conneaut.

The elected officials then appoint a city manager or administrator to oversee the daily operations of the government and implement the policies established by the governing body. The manager serves the governing body, often with an employment agreement or contract that specifies his or her duties and responsibilities.

Ideally, the manager is apolitical. A city manager can be seen as a similar role to that of corporate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in providing professional management to an organization.

City of Conneaut – Law Director

Kyle B. Smith, Attorney At Law
294 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Telephone: 440-593-7413
Fax: 440-593-7414
Email Conneaut Law Director

The City Law Director is the Chief Legal Advisor of the City of Conneaut.
The duties of the Law Director also include: 

  • Providing Legal Advice to City Officials, Board Members & Commissions when needed.
  • Representing the City of Conneaut in any civil litigation in which the city may be involved.
  • Preparation, Review and Legal Recommendations for all ordinances passed and/or under consideration under the direction of Conneaut City Council.

The Law Director is appointed by the City Manager and is the legal advisor to the City Manager and City Council, and performs such other duties and functions as assigned by the City Manager. The

Law Director is also the legal advisor to all offices, departments, and agencies as well as to all officers and employees in matters relating to their official powers and duties.

The Law Department employs an Assistant Law Director/Police Prosecutor who is primarily responsible for prosecuting violations of the City’s ordinances and State laws.

Growth Partnership Information:
Ashtabula Growth Partnership
17 North Market Street
Jefferson, Ohio 44047
Phone: 440-576-9126
Fax: 440-576-5003