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Need a lawyer who practices in the City of Conneaut?

Preferred Law Firm(s) Serving Conneaut, Ohio Community:

The Newcomb Law Firm
213 Washington Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-6457
Fax: 440-593-6458

Attorney Christopher M. Newcomb
Email: [email protected]

The Newcomb Firm, LLC  is a progressive general practice firm concentrating its practice in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, general litigation, real estate, domestic relations, criminal defense, probate and estate planning.

The firm is located in downtown Conneaut Ohio and primarily focuses its practice in the Ashtabula County area. However, The Newcomb Law Firm also litigates cases and represents clients in Lake, Cuyahoga, Trumbull, Franklin, Sandusky, and Fairfield counties, along with United States District Court (Northern District of Ohio).

Attorneys in Conneaut:

Luke Gallagher – Attorney at Law
365 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-2309

Holz Law Services
495 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-599-9900

The Newcomb Law Firm, LLC
213 Washington Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-6457
(See Our Ad Above)

David A. Schroeder
171 Broad St
Conneaut, OH 44030
Phone: 440-599-6708
Fax: 866-756-0133

Gary Coxon – Attorney at Law
180 Washington Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-6211

Lafferty Law Office
365 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-2309

Robert Pecchio – LPA
308 Main Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-599-9082

Need Investigative Services?

Jon Thomas Associates
Investigative Services
832 Harbor Street
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-812-5120

5 Legal Tips You Should Know
Everything Conneaut Ohio

Dealing with legal issues doesn’t automatically mean migraine. In fact, dealing with legal issues using a local professional can protect your family, your business and your future.  Here are 5 legal tips, that YOU should know:

# 1 – Execute a Will.

Estate Planning does not just apply to wealthy old people. All adults need a will. A will determines where your assets will go in the event of your death. While a hand written will can be valid, it is important to go to a licensed attorney who will walk you through the formal execution ceremony.

# 2 –  Get Insurance.

They say two things are certain… Death and Taxes. Insurance should be added to that list.
Even if you rent – you should obtain insurance policy to cover your personal belongings and valuables… If you get sick, lose your home to a fire or a flood – you could be left with nothing, if you don’t have insurance.

We invite you to contact a local Conneaut Insurance professional for competitive rates on medical, renters, homeowners, business and other insurances to protect your assets.

# 3 –  Get it In Writing.

If you have an agreement that involves
a transfer or money or property… Get it
in Writing, with a signature.

Renting Apartments, Purchasing Vehicles,
or Homes… or Loaning Money… Most legal
matters can be resolved before the dispute,
if your agreement is written and signed by
both parties.

A secondary tip, Keep your agreements in a safe place, as the best contract in the world
won’t stand up in a court of law if you can’t locate it.

# 4 –  Plan for the future.

If your family current has an emergency fund, allocate funds for unforeseen legal issues.  You never know when you might need an attorney, or face the prospect of going to jail, but if the time comes you will have to have something to start with and enough to post bail. Think of it as an insurance policy.

# 5  – Call a Licensed Attorney.

We all watch Legal Shows on TV, but
the legal system in real life is much different.
Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant,
an educated, licensed legal professional
could make the difference in your next case.

When dealing with criminal, business, family law or other legal matters – always consult a licensed legal professional.

There are several attorneys who serve the Conneaut Ohio and would be glad to answer your questions and provide legal assistance in accordance with state and federal law.



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You Are In Control is a teen driver safety program designed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol in coordination with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Conneaut Ohio Legal Links

We have compiled a list of links that provide valuable legal information to the residents of greater Conneaut, Ohio. From legal resources to conneaut, ohio public records – court calendar to online payment systems… we have you covered.

Ashtabula County Court System

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