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Conneaut Ohio Business |  Find a Local Business

Conneaut Ohio’s largest industry is rubber and plastics manufacturing bringing in over $253,000 into Conneaut each year. Health Care, Construction, Metal Products, Machinery, and Educational Services are the other main industries for Conneaut Ohio – with a population of approximately 12,500.

If you are looking for a local professional : we invite you to visit our list of local Conneaut businesses, restaurants, and professionals, qualified to bring you the superior service and attention you need.

Why is it important to purchase locally ? The sales cycle benefits the entire community.  If you hire a local contractor who buys lumber locally – the profit they receive will be reinvested in other local businesses. The taxes a local business pays benefits local Conneaut schools, fire departments and the local economy.

Click on any of the items below to find more information on a variety of local businesses and services:

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