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Water and Sewer

City of Conneaut Water Treatment Plant

770 Lake Road
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Phone: 440-593-7437

Superintendent: Richard Neubauer

According to City of Conneaut website:
This plant is responsible for the entire distribution of Conneaut’s public water system. Sitting on the shore of Lake Erie, the Conneaut Water Treatment Plant cleans and filters the water supply for the city as well as manages the current fresh water supply.

City of Conneaut Wastewater Treatment Plant

1206 Broad Street Extension
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Hours: 24 Hours – 7 Days

Superintendent: Brian Bidwell

According to the City of Conneaut’s website:

Conneaut’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is an activated sludge plant with a designed average flow of 2.93 MGD collecting waste water from over 4,000 service connections in an area of approximately 13.5 square miles. Our team of skilled dedicated professionals operate and maintain the plant and collection system including 6 lift stations. Wastewater personnel also perform laboratory testing, manage the industrial pretreatment program, clean and remove any stoppages in the collection system, and oversee the sludge dewatering and disposal program.

The primary mission of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is the collection and treatment of wastewater, and the processing and disposal of sludge within the parameters of our Ohio EPA discharge permit in order to maintain the health and safety of the citizens of Conneaut and the protection of the receiving waters of Lake Erie.

If you suspect a sewer problem at your home, call the City of Conneaut to determine if the sewer main is plugged. If the problem is in the sewer main, they will fix it. If it is the homeowner’s lateral line, they will provide you with guidance in correcting your problem.