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Fish Conneaut Creek

Fish Conneaut Creek, Lake Erie Fishing, Steelhead Fishing, Conneaut Ohio

Conneaut Creek in Conneaut, Ohio is home to some of the world’s best Fishing. In fact, Conneaut Ohio and Conneaut Creek are known as the Steelhead Capital of the World!  More Info coming soon…

Do you know where the best public access points are for Conneaut Creek ? If so, email us.  Fishing Tips for Lake Erie or Conneaut Creek… we would love to hear from you – contact us.

Conneaut Creek featured in Fly Rod

Conneaut Creek has been featured in Fly, Rod and Reel as well as several other national publications for our World Class Fishing!

About Conneaut Creek

Conneaut Creek in Conneaut, Ohio is home to some of the world’s best fishing.

Conneaut Creek is most popular for Steelhead Trout Fishing. Steelhead will enter the creek starting in late October and run through April (varies with weather.)  You will also find a variety of other fish in Conneaut Creek including smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike.

Officially designated a State Wild and Scenic River in 2005, a 21-mile stretch of the creek from the Ohio-Pennsylvania boarder to the former Penn Central Railroad bridge in Conneaut is protected by the state of Ohio.

The stream corridor is home to 78 fish species and 32 species of amphibians and reptiles. The heavily wooded watershed harbors more than 30 unique plants and plant communities, many of which are listed as threatened or endangered.

In places, the stream can be about 40 feet wide and at other times narrows to 15 feet. Water flow levels in Conneaut Creek flucuate throughout the year – but spring and early summer provide excellent fishing and canoeing opportunities.

Conneaut Creek is made up of riffles, runs, slow pools and fast pools alike. The bottom of Conneaut Creek is comprised mostly of sand, silt, gravel and small stones. In addition, Conneaut Creek passes below several beautiful covered bridges and you may even spot some waterfalls.

Steelhead  in Conneaut Creek

Fishing for Steelhead in Conneaut Creek ?  Steelhead normally begin to enter the creek from late October and run through late April. This time frame is subject to change, based upon the weather other factors of nature.

While Steelhead can be found at almost any part of the Conneaut Creek, look for good holding water to reel in the big catch.

If you are staying in town on a fishing trip, be aware Steelhead trout can move as much as 25 miles per day – so be patient. Planning a fishing trip for Steelhead ? December is the prime time for most fishermen to visit.

Conneaut Creek Maps:
Steelhead & Trout Fishing Map
Click Here to Download.

Public Access to Conneaut Creek:

  • Conneaut Breakwall
  • Conneaut Harbor
  • Woodworth Road Boat Ramp
  • Lakeville Park
  • Old Main Road *Hot Spot
  • Center Street (by CLYO Ball Park)
  • Keefus Road
  • Creek Road
  • Route 7 (Old Main Road) *Hot Spot
  • Route 7 (1/2 mile South I-90)
  • Farnham Bridge
  • Furnace Road

There are many public access areas on Ohio streams. If you are on private property, you must have landowner permission. Don’t trespass! Private landowners have the right to restrict access on their property.

In Ohio, you can gain access to the stream from public access points, but the private land ownership includes their land under the stream. The streams listed above are navigable streams, meaning you can float a boat through them to fish; however, you cannot get out of your boat and stand on private property to fish unless you have the landowner’s permission.

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